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sea of glee

a Josh Fitz ArtShow | TooMuchFunClub style
…brought to you by the fine folks at Float On

Float On, February 27th (2012), 7pm… 4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215


We are gathering for a reception and viewing of the Art that is now hanging throughOut the 28 days of February.

Along with the visual art there will be some poetic involvement — plus much more will be in store..!

Come experience the FUN of creation!!!

Poetry: poet Maxfield

FUN: music by Artemis Tree Frog

Now it’s Time to Solve this Simple Questionare:


Part One:
FRANK is a dear imaginary orangutan friend… He may be less visible to you, but I think he would conclude, appearances can be deceiving… Join us as we witness the F-R-A-N-K series in it’s entirety. That’s right the set of FRANK’s is finally complete. Come see. This IS exciting..!

Part Too:
The TooMuchFunClub have gone off the deep-end again..! They were embarking on another uncovering of FUN..! Scientifically, Theoretically, on the Train they got on Track, Setting Sail by Ship or Shipwreck..! While they were looking for fun. Fun was found. TooMuch in fact. F-U-N is all around!!! Witness the Before and AfterMath.


{ Pink~ELEPHANT~Party~Too }

Pink in the Drink


HAPPENING SATURDAY, November 12th (2011)

In Reverence to Parvati (Shakti) and
Celebration of Ganesh (Ganapati)
Dispel all Fears
Enlighten your Eyes and Ears
Welcome the Fun of Creation
Come Early to Start in the Art
…Stay Late for Recreation…
!!!Interactive Ink creations require Audience Participation!!!
!!!Dress in Proper Attire!!!
…We Recommend Wearing White…

Visit the ErosNyx Site:

LOCATION:930 SE Taylor, Portland, OR 97214

7pm for a $7 cover = Start in on the Art..!

$11 after 11pm = Dance all Night!!!
Come Early – Stay Late (for ArtSake)…

CASH BAR in the Lounge!!!

~ Infinitia Drummers 7pm
~ DJ Pharo 8pm-9pm
~ Mingus 9pm-10pm
~ Sad Music for Happy Humans 10pm-11pm
~ Enzymes 11pm-12am
~ Hoya 12-1 am
~ Sporeganic [Street Ritual] 1-2 am
~ Abrasion Equation [SpecOps music] 2-3am
~ Korban 3-4am
~ Swiss Jones 4am-5am

~ Sam Arneson:
~ John Gajowski
~ Kaleidoscope Eyes
~ Kiana
~ Matt Schlosky
~ Josh Fitz

+ CautionCrew
~ ♠Spades♠

~ You
~ Us
~ Me
~ Shakti


Once, while Parvati wanted to take a bath, there were no attendants around to guard her and stop anyone from accidentally entering the house. Hence she created an image of a boy out of turmeric paste which she prepared to cleanse her body, and infused life into it, and thus Ganesha was born. Parvati ordered Ganesha not to allow anyone to enter the house, and Ganesha obediently followed his mother’s orders. After a while Shiva returned and tried to enter the house, Ganesha stopped him. Shiva was infuriated and severed Ganesha’s head with his trishula (trident). When Parvati came out and saw her son’s lifeless body, she was very angry and sad. She demanded that Shiva restore Ganesha’s life at once. Unfortunately, Shiva’s trishula was so powerful that it had hurled Ganesha’s head so far off that it could not be found. Finally, an elephant’s head was attached to Ganesha’s body, bringing him back to life. Still upset, Parvati demanded her son be made head of the celestial armies and worshipped by everyone before beginning any activity, and gods accepted this condition.

How do I begin the process of getting people involved and supporting an idea..?
Well the word, support is a key factor here… It is crucial to have a strong foundation in order to have great support. I have slowly become aware of this — it has now begun to solidify in my mind.

Sure people will involve themselves in a group, a project, or a community gathering maybe once, maybe twice (maybe). Unless they get fixed on it and can’t leave once they are immersed in it, mending it, living it, and letting it be a part of them as much as they’re a part of it. I am sill in the process of evaluating what is the crucial turn that causes the key of support to continue to unlock the door and let people freely endeavor and enjoy the bounty of this sort of community.

Money is a factor, as much as it stands for. It is only an idea. Nothing less nothing more. It can be a good idea! It’s value becomes debatable — and often is… What can we achieve without money in this Hostel Art House..? Well, there is a great deal that money cannot produce. Ambitious-high-minded-ideals about people and community (that all comes from ones mind). The feelings people have when they learn and teach and grow are not derived from paper. It’s crucial that we establish an understanding of the limitations of money. Wealth exists with and without money. I would like to develop unlimited Wealth in this art house. The people that feel obligated to help and are only inspired by financial gain tend to treasure the tender resource on printed paper (which is limited to about 18 months on a $1 bill in the open market as stated here). This is not the wealth I am looking for!

Okay, okay by now you may be asking me the why for – for that paragraph. It is simply a statement to elaborate the reasoning behind keeping the hostel part of the theme inline as well as online. Look at it this way: a hostel is a temporary living space where people come and go. Some are able to stay by helping keep up the up keep. I am looking for that kind of mindset for this art house. People who would be successfully taking care of the living space — in this sense — would be the mentors that others would gain knowledge and wisdom from. The more you share the more you would be a part of the Hostel. More people would be aware of your level of commitment to the community and your integrity would show how much you care, thus leaving you a legacy. This could be stated as such, it allows worthy people to cultivate their worth.

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It may be a little unclear what the intent of the the Hostel Art House idea is…

I do have a goal and I would love you to be a part of it…

The goal, put simply, is to create a community movement based on people.

People being people;

people being good;

and doing  good;

and being good at what they do (good? Good)…

Let’s break it down into some structure, rules, guidelines, or just some whim’s of mine:

– if you’re a good person, you’re good with people (right? Right)

– if you’re good you tend to do good things;  laugh, play, make, create, teach, tutor, mentor, etc…

– if you do good things you can benefit others with your what you do; servitude*

*Let’s switch the serve from serve to servitude, it reminds me of attitude and service. Or service with attitude!

Okay..?  Okay!

Awesome! Now what? Well… I developed this theme and I thought the concept would work well into a community of a sort. It would work both for the digital and the real world environment. The conceptual ground work would be sharing your “do good”… Demonstrate your process, reveal (a little) of your, ‘how’. We’ll leave the, ‘why’ out for now… Example’s abound in the digital world! I believe it’s why we have ideas like the creative commons license as a result. It works well and establishes a great collaboration of ideas starting from a source…

Let’s share some kung fu. Yep! Not martial art’s, mind you… Kung fu.

I will start: I am an artist by intent. I make, do, create, display, discover, produce and express art! I fit art naturally. Josh Fitz Art… Pdump-pump-sheesh..! Lately, I’ve discovered art to be (simply) an expression.  A very unique and human expression. It is at the core. It’s in our hearts, our guts, our mind. Yep, I said guts! It takes gut’s to make/do good art. Sometimes you even have to make do, to do art. And that level of expression leaves an impression on others. They can see it, feel it, and take it for all it’s worth. The attempt with limitations…

But there doesn’t have to be limitations. Well some limitations are a good practice (everything in moderation). Keep in mind there are others already doing art and GOOD art! I feel given a place to share their process we could have a good thing going.

To take part in this endeavor you would have to have a passion to teach, tutor,  mentor, or just simply share. I enjoy it personally. I could spend entirely too much time sharing my skills, and I’m not afraid to share either. I constantly learn new skills and replace the old ones with time.

Information is floating all around let’s hold it down! Clear communication is a must. We, as a community, can achieve and improve this together, if we’re lacking in any way (i.e. a wiki).

-The group improvement movement…

This would be a place to share our process  through demonstrational**, tutorial, instructional. People could learn from your skill set and you would learn from their learning… Yeah, it does actually work. People could improve your process! Make comments share results. Clean up the edges. And patients, yes you could develop patients. If you’ve had art critiques from your peers before you could imagine mentor, tutoring and teaching critiques.

** I make words up, so what?

Now comes the fun part. If you share a lot you would get the attention, networking and leads to develop what you do for others. People could requisition your servitude for teaching, creating, and developing a project or a process. If it works well a free market just opened up for sharing what you love.  This is quintessentially a consultant position. Now imagine how useful a tool: an open source consultant would be.

It’s just a thought for now… A hopefully humble idea. There is room for improvement, I know.

If you have some suggestion that would be awesome.

If you think it’ll never fly, tell me why!

In the end of all this rambling, jumbled circumlocution… I would love this place to exist as an open resource center for learning directly from people at what they, ‘do good’…


If you get the message and can offer some assistance please feel free to contact me…

Talk to you soon,


Josh Fitz