JoshFitz | ArtShow

sea of glee

a Josh Fitz ArtShow | TooMuchFunClub style
…brought to you by the fine folks at Float On

Float On, February 27th (2012), 7pm… 4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215


We are gathering for a reception and viewing of the Art that is now hanging throughOut the 28 days of February.

Along with the visual art there will be some poetic involvement — plus much more will be in store..!

Come experience the FUN of creation!!!

Poetry: poet Maxfield

FUN: music by Artemis Tree Frog

Now it’s Time to Solve this Simple Questionare:


Part One:
FRANK is a dear imaginary orangutan friend… He may be less visible to you, but I think he would conclude, appearances can be deceiving… Join us as we witness the F-R-A-N-K series in it’s entirety. That’s right the set of FRANK’s is finally complete. Come see. This IS exciting..!

Part Too:
The TooMuchFunClub have gone off the deep-end again..! They were embarking on another uncovering of FUN..! Scientifically, Theoretically, on the Train they got on Track, Setting Sail by Ship or Shipwreck..! While they were looking for fun. Fun was found. TooMuch in fact. F-U-N is all around!!! Witness the Before and AfterMath.


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