How do I begin the process of getting people involved and supporting an idea..?
Well the word, support is a key factor here… It is crucial to have a strong foundation in order to have great support. I have slowly become aware of this — it has now begun to solidify in my mind.

Sure people will involve themselves in a group, a project, or a community gathering maybe once, maybe twice (maybe). Unless they get fixed on it and can’t leave once they are immersed in it, mending it, living it, and letting it be a part of them as much as they’re a part of it. I am sill in the process of evaluating what is the crucial turn that causes the key of support to continue to unlock the door and let people freely endeavor and enjoy the bounty of this sort of community.

Money is a factor, as much as it stands for. It is only an idea. Nothing less nothing more. It can be a good idea! It’s value becomes debatable — and often is… What can we achieve without money in this Hostel Art House..? Well, there is a great deal that money cannot produce. Ambitious-high-minded-ideals about people and community (that all comes from ones mind). The feelings people have when they learn and teach and grow are not derived from paper. It’s crucial that we establish an understanding of the limitations of money. Wealth exists with and without money. I would like to develop unlimited Wealth in this art house. The people that feel obligated to help and are only inspired by financial gain tend to treasure the tender resource on printed paper (which is limited to about 18 months on a $1 bill in the open market as stated here). This is not the wealth I am looking for!

Okay, okay by now you may be asking me the why for – for that paragraph. It is simply a statement to elaborate the reasoning behind keeping the hostel part of the theme inline as well as online. Look at it this way: a hostel is a temporary living space where people come and go. Some are able to stay by helping keep up the up keep. I am looking for that kind of mindset for this art house. People who would be successfully taking care of the living space — in this sense — would be the mentors that others would gain knowledge and wisdom from. The more you share the more you would be a part of the Hostel. More people would be aware of your level of commitment to the community and your integrity would show how much you care, thus leaving you a legacy. This could be stated as such, it allows worthy people to cultivate their worth.


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