Josh Fitz

Yes! The time for waiting is over. You could have your very own art creation, conveniently crafted by a real human.

Whether you need branding, illustration, photography, cinematography, or design done you're in the right place!

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Josh Fitz |  Reel 2022

Featured Projects

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Imagine the possibilities. Close your eyes. Now open them again. If what you have in mind is a fun brand design with a touch of business—perhaps a website, illustration, photoshoot, or video—look no further. Maybe look just a little further...

Visit a few featured projects below:
Splat Paint House
Liquid Reel
Art Caps
Coincidence Control Books
Galactian Cyclops Crystal

Project Book

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A little book of accomplishments

We often need to give ourselves little reminders. Otherwise we might wonder, "what did I do last year? Or the year before that?? Or the year before the year before!!!" Fortunately, this little Project Book is a reminder of Josh's past accomplishments.

View the Project Book:
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Hello fellow human

Are you ready to make your mark on the world? If it pleases you, we can begin the process now. Perhaps a new brand, a photoshoot, a design, or is it another exquisite thing to behold?

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